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Av Peter - 2 juni 2012 11:33

Now I have the keys to my new apartment in Vimmerby. Sat on the floor of a completely empty apartment last night and just felt the mood. It felt good and 2012 may count as a real fresh start in life.


The view from the kitchen is not the sexiest but a little cozy.

Now comes the grunt to move out from the old apartment in Virserum and settle in the new apartment in Vimmerby. Beds for the kids and myself are new, the couch is new, the furniture in the kitchen is new, so really it's mostly little things to move, plus TV and furniture in the living room.

The rest of the old stuff can be sold on or run to the dump, out with the old and in with the new. Here we go!

Take care!

Av Peter - 29 maj 2012 05:05

A few days after I published the post about me to work with this year's Hultsfredsfestivalen , I received another call that turned upside down on my whole world.

My son became suddenly ill and was run rushed to the hospital, where they found that he had diabetes type one. It was a big change for him, me, my ex-wife and other people in our neighborhood. We stayed in the hospital for almost 3 weeks and thanks to the wonderful staff, good advice and training, and great medical care, we learned to live with Henriks chronic illness very quickly.

Meanwhile, I received another call from FKP Scorpio, so this year I will also work with Getaway Rock in Gävle in July. Great fun, a challenge that I look forward to.

And of course it's come and gone a number of women during this time hahaha Missing some more than others, but there is someone special who attached themselves to exra hard in my heart and mind ... Right now I'm hoping for the best <3

About 9-10 days we will begin to build the festival site in Hultsfred, then I try to upload at least one blog post per day. Some movies, a lot of pictures and some anecdotes from my 20 years at the Hultsfredsfestivalen =)

This is my life upside down, heaven or hell, love or hate ... it's not easy being me sometimes. And amidst all this so I move to a new apartment ... but that will have its own post ;)

Take care!

Av Peter - 12 maj 2012 10:36

If I could gift wrap the globe, I would give you the world....
And I wish you would let me do it... you know who you are ;)

Take care / PowerPete

Av Peter - 25 mars 2012 10:14

Hello Friends!

This week I received a phone call from FKP Scorpio, they require my presence at this year's Hultsfred Festival, and although there are a lot of new people in this year's organization had the reputation of my knowledge spread in Hamburg ;)

I was very happy about this and feel more motivated to blog, work and do everything possible in life.

The time after Hultsfred 2011 has been wonderful. I met a wonderful girl and got together with her ​​on my birthday, August 7. This was the girl of my dreams, kind, loving, good looking, rocker babe, bass player, photo model, intelligent, smart, clever and a big big heart. We had a great time together until about a month ago when she unfortunately chose to leave me for another guy.

I knew nothing, but everything turned in two days. I was shocked, disappointed and very sad until I really found out what it was. Then I lost my feelings for her, she deserved them no longer.
Shit happens, sometimes you head over heels in love and decide to proceed even though it is certainly not bad in your current relationship. I'm not bitter anymore and I wish her a happy future with her ​​future husband.

At work, it floats on as usual. We have just moved into a new building, completely renovated with new furniture and everything in top condition. It also motivated to work and the atmosphere is perfect.

Soon it's Easter and then we exhibit on the world's biggest motor shows, Elmia Bilsport Custom & Performance Show in Jönköping. Visit us at stand B01: 80 where you can order your own personalized stickers in place.

Sooooo.... The summary is: Good job, fun hobbies and currently single ;)

Take care!

Av Peter - 5 februari 2012 11:47

Vi har ju en del tishor och andra tröjor med kommunisttema på GEEKTOWNS... dock inga tryck som är så värst PRO Communism... men vilken normal människa är för den ideologin?  Och innan vänsterpacket börjar kommentera så att de gör ner sig i brallorna så kan jag upplysa er om att ni har fel och jag har så in i helvete rätt! *MOAHAHAHA*


Våra rödaste tröjor hittar du här:

Take Care / PowerPete

Av Peter - 5 februari 2012 10:14

En kvinna gick i skogen när hon plötsligt snubblade över något, som vid närmare påseende visade sig vara en sån där oljelampa. Och när hon gned den, så kom naturligtvis en ande fram...
- Får jag tre önskningar nu? frågade hon.
- Nej, svarade anden. På grund av de dåliga tiderna, global ekonomisk kris och att socialdemokratin har ägnat alla efterkrigsår till att montera ner den Svenska välfärden och sånt så får man endast EN önskning nuförtiden.... Nå, vad önskas?
- I så fall vill jag ha fred i mellanöstern, sa kvinnan och halade fram en karta. Ser du kartan här? Jag vill att de här länderna ska sluta slåss med varandra.
Anden kastade ett öga på kartan och utbrast:
- Men jösses, damen! De där länderna har ju fajtats i tusentals år! Tror inte att det går att göra något åt det. Jag är bra, men inte SÅ bra! Önska något annat.
Kvinnan tänkte en stund och sa sedan:
- Jag har aldrig lyckats träffa rätt man. En omtänksam och älsklig man, som är hänsynsfull, kan laga mat och som står för hälften av hushållsarbetet, som är trogen och en bra älskare och inte tittar på sport hela tiden. Kort sagt, en idealisk livskamrat, en drömkille.
Anden var tyst en stund och suckade sedan.
- Få se på den där kartan igen…!

Av Peter - 21 januari 2012 23:30
Det här inlägget är lösenordsskyddat.
Av Peter - 11 juli 2011 23:28

Today was a really busy day for me and the production office... I LOVE IT

The stages has arrived and is almost assembled and ready. The camping area and other visitor areas is ready for opening tomorrow. The artist dressing rooms is ready for furniture and our press service tent got phones ;)

I also acted ambulance when one of the german crew member got an alergic reaction from one of the killer mosquitos in the Camp Kloster *LOL*  Anyway he is feeling much better now :)

This is todays movies:

And because my lousy english and lack of time I publish all pictures below without any explaining text....


Take Care! /Peter

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